Light Bar Wiring Harness

Light Bar Wiring Harness

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These wiring harnesses are perfect to easily wire in any of our light bars or accessory lights so that they operate on a simple illuminated on/off switch. They include a 40a relay, 30a inline fuse and on/off switch. They are 10ft in length, so you won't have any issues having them reach where you need to go.

14 Gauge flexible strand copper wire, IP67 weatherproof rating, UL approved.It is universal fit for any light bars that is within 312W (DO NOT EXCEED THIS).

On the Dual Lead Wiring Harness do not exceed more than one 9" light bar per lead.

Product features: 
10ft Wiring harness 
40A power relay 
30A blade fuse 
Toggle switch (On/Off) 
Single Lead/or Dual Lead available 

Product Content: 
1 x Wiring Harness 
1 x Instructions