Straight Service Series Light Bars

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Our Service Light Series of Dual Row Light Bars are the perfect edition to any service vehicle, anyone who works on a job site regularly, anywhere you need to be seen or too see what you’re working on. All being run via a wireless key fob remote. They come equipped with an in cab switch to power on the white light, and then you have a remote control key fob to operate the lights functions. These functions include; solid white light, solid amber light, strobing white light, strobing amber light, end to end white light, end to end amber light, left/right amber flashing, left/right alternating amber. Which makes them a great addition to any service vehicle, allowing you to light up the dark when needed and switch to service or show lighting as needed.

Operating Voltage of 10-30 Volts, Colour Temperature of 6000k (when used on white light function), available in Spot Beam, Flood Beam, or Combo Beam (Spots in the middle, Floods on either end), black aluminum housing, include stainless steel mounting bracket, deutch plug, with an average operating life of 50,000 hours.

ize:    Wattage:    Lumens:                               
7.5”       36w           2800 Lm                             
14”        72w           5700 Lm                              
22”        120w         9000 Lm                              
32”        180w        13,500 Lm                           
42”        240w       18,000 Lm                            
50”        288w       21,600 Lm
52”        300w       22,500 Lm


Color Temperature: 6000K/Amber
Rows: Dual Row
Ingress Protection: IP67
Position: End Mount
Working Temperature: -30-45
Shape: Straight
Beam Angle: Combo
Name: Remote Control Led Light Bar
Watt: 120W 180W 240W 288W 300W
Color : Black
Led Light Bar Type: Dual Row
Volt: 12V 24V Led Light
Size: 22 32 42 50 52 Inch
Housing: Alluminum alloy
Beam: Combo