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Offering quick and convenient air pressure adjustment, LoadController (Compact, Dual Path, Standard Duty) will have your vehicle back on the level in no time, eliminating the need to hunt for a gas station with an air compressor! LoadController allows you to control the pressures of your air springs with the touch of a button, whether parked or on the road. There's no need to worry about changes in load or road conditions -- you can make on-the-go changes from inside the cab. With an exclusive low pressure sensor that automatically activates if pressure drops to an unsafe level, you can be sure that your vehicle and load are protected, no matter what the road throws at you. The easy-to-read, user-friendly pressure gauge features both inflate and deflate buttons, allowing users to users to quickly make changes in air pressure. LoadController is a dual path system, meaning that the air springs can be independently adjusted to different pressures, perfect for uneven loads. Dual path systems help to prevent air transfer between air springs, which provides a more stable cornering situation and significantly less body roll. The mounting pod is customizable to your preferences, with the ability to be mounted in the included mounting cup, flush mounted into the dash, or inserted into any 2 1/8 in. gauge pod. With the included, pre-assembled wiring harness, you'll be able to have your vehicle level and on the road in only a matter of hours. The standard-duty compressor mounts easily to the vehicle's frame and the routes the air line directly to the air springs. With the included, fully-illustrated installation manual provides clear instructions to make installation a breeze. 

  • Offering quick and convenient air pressure adjustment
  • LoadController (Compact
  • Dual Path
  • Standard Duty) will have your vehicle back on the level in no time
  • eliminating the need to hunt for a gas station with an air compressor!
  • Controlling Two Air Springs Together
  • Control the pressure in your air springs from the cab of your vehicle
  • Heavy duty compressor
  • Install the system yourself in a few hours with the help of a fully illustrated easy-to-follow installation manual.
  • Automatically senses low air spring pressure and immediately activates to maintain a safe pressure level.
  • All Air Lift compressor systems are compatible with any brand of air springs
  • Easy Install w/ Manual In Just A Few Hours
  • Automatically Senses Low Air Spring Pressure
  • Immediately Activates To Maintain A Safe Pressure Level
  • Compatible w/Any Brand Of Air Springs
  • Title Air Lift Susp Air Comp Kit
  • Title LoadController (Compact, Single Path, Heavy Duty)

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